Being Poised is the Key to Deal with Angry Customers.

Live chat or live-response is a medium to conduct business where verbal communication takes a backseat. In Live Chat Support, the customers are looking for two things:

  1. To get their problems sorted out as quickly as possible
  2. To get their issues tackled with an innate sense of compassion.

These two attributes are quite easy to deliver, but only if it is warranted that you are poised for the entire chat. But most conditions while dealing with the customers tend to turn a bit less than ideal. See, when solving the issues that turn out to be particularly insidious, you might not get to a desirable result. To that end, your theories about the root cause might change, or the problem might take a bit more time to resolve. In both the cases, the client is only looking to get their issues resolved as fast as possible.  Therefore, you do not need to stretch your mind a lot to predict the angry outburst of the impatient customers. If you face such callous individuals, just remember that being poised is the key. With that in mind, ingrain the following tips in your mind.

  • Tolerate everything: One of the primary ways to deal with varying types of clients. Remember, they will hurl abuses at you at times. It is your job to respond to them in a way that is both kind and stern, but not offensive in any way. If they lose temper, that will cost them nothing, but you giving in will not only be detrimental to your career but will also damage the image of your company.
  • Always Listen: While an aggravated customer is on the other side, your best course of action is to let the steam run out. To that end, you should be an amazing listener and should keep maintaining that poise and do not interrupt when the customer is explaining their issues. Remember, most reasons that make a client angry are always legit; it is up to you to be a good listener.
  • Be optimistic: If you are a live chat expert, then being a pessimist will not take you far. It is your job to be optimistic. You can propagate this optimism to your clients to calm them down about the problems that they are facing. In addition to making the client like you, this will also help you in sorting out the issues faster
  • Give the right answers: There is a difference between giving the right answers and the correct answers. The difference being, the right answer is the one that gives clients a cautious response. Giving the right answer will also make the client aware of the situation and they will also behave accordingly.
  • Be compassionate: You have to be compassionate when dealing with the clients and their issues. To show the signs of compassion, you can address clients by their proper names. This will help them feel a bit more special and help you with developing credibility with them.
  • Be the first to say sorry: Now, we cannot stress this fact enough that a customer is never going to apologize for their behavior. To that end, apologize if you have made any mistake while tackling their problems. This will make sure that you bring your best foot forward and also prevent the situation from getting escalated.